Protecting Yourself From Cell Phone EMFs The Easy Way

We all know that mobile phones used to heat the rule ... still hot ... during use. This has many asking if the energy emitted from these devices could harm us. There is no doubt that these devices emit high doses of radio signals and electromagnetic fields (EMF o). But the jury is still out whether we are "the kitchen of our brains", are the electromagnetic fields of our phones. So ... what to do with this need for EMC: Enter the phone? Wrap your head in the newspaper? 

It is a very simple answer to this problem. Get a Bluetooth headset! 

Bluetooth headsets are available for many years. Prices range from $ 10 to $ 200 But most of the cheaper good work. Most mobile phones are able to use Bluetooth wireless technology now, so compatibility is rarely a problem ... and generally find that the installation takes less than two minutes (of course, to charge the first with the experience of a first meeting together is not too short!). Most hearing aids you can have complete control over the call, from beginning to end without touching the phone when (many of them, including adjusting the volume and mute controls.) 

And of course, to Bluetooth headset (because they are wireless devices) release not only of the "hot" small mobile phones, but the cable ... so you can hold a conversation without a handle, while driving without turning his head as needed to keep an eye on the traffic around them. It changes a tiny earphone in the ear ... This sends a signal designed to travel a few meters from your mobile phone ... a mobile phone that is designed to provide a signal strong enough to reach the pump cell towers miles away! What is love? 

With advances in mobile phones (especially cell phones) and Bluetooth headphones are cheaper and more comprehensive than ever before. Here you will find a wide selection of Amazon (with opinions from customers based on their personal experiences), or many other online retailers. You have choices about whether you make one with a microphone that can be moved up into the mouth, ... and if you prefer in the ear or outer ear models. Some are more durable than others and some have better range than others. It depends on your individual needs and preferences ... and your budget! 

Therefore, more and more "in the phone-pilot" and receive protection against EMC great feature simultaneously with a Bluetooth headset. 

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