How to Shape Wire in Jewellery Making

To change the shape of the wire to go through several holes in a cube. On average, the squared values ​​or vice versa formed, requires passes through the holes 10-12 and annealed several times.
If you wire around oval or square, to forge first or flat wire coil can be slightly rough to be completed faster with a hammer with a path. Just make sure that after the reduction and annealed before the industry.
Another simple way is to change the shape of the wire using a rolling mill. You can take the form of round wire son oval or square and rectangular with a few slightly flattened by the rollers.
Suppose you need a half-round wire is ideal for making jewelry by hand, but you do not bring a plate of half of the year. Use a random circular disk instead. Just fold it in half, doubled, and pass into the circle sector. Once you have drawn the line in half in the case, you end up with two pieces of half-round wire. If you have a square or round wire slightly flattened at first start, if the doubled part adaptable in the round hole.
This curve and the technique works, measures with a path rectangular and square by quarter-turn cable through a set of four nozzles by a son of the year instead. They must also work to make a square triangle jet wire.
How to son
To address and make it for the manufacture of handmade jewelry, stretch. Wire and clamp one end in the vise. To include in his tongue out the other end and pull the cord so that it just goes. You feel it or just relax a little. By releasing the cable tension is perfectly straight. Make sure you are in the correct position, and draw the correct amount.
If you need to recover from the final drawing, note the final diameter will be slightly smaller after stretching the cable taut.
To walk short sections of cable between two steel blocks. This work on cures, in addition to straightening.
Document your work
In the drawing, save the start and end shapes, sizes and lengths made. Consider the channels are used, the number of holes, through which he made, and take time to achieve the desired result.

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