The Hottest Short Hairstyles For Women In 2011

If you are in the styles of short hair or long term are to realize the dream of every girl is a diva wearing the latest fashion trends. However, the trend of fashion is not really elegant, not the cutest hairstyle ever for its natural beauty and personality. This summer it seems like every girl in the fashion to go short and sassy with the best short hairstyles for women in 2011. We have three words of fashion advice for you this year: the layered bob and goblins. 


Layered hairstyles good on women of any age with any face shape. These styles with any length hair, large, more volume to fine hair and are easy to handle, have hardly any time, in style and at the door with. 

If the layers above and the sides of a shortcut, add the texture and carried to one of the most modern short hairstyles for women in the world immediately accepted. 

Pixie Cut

Mia Farrow was popular in the 60s eleven. This summer, the pixie styles popping up everywhere in Hollywood, the most popular singers and actresses. Some examples of such stars as Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Carey Mulligan, Halle Berry and most recently, Kate Winslet. 

Alexa Chung is known for his illness Court Eleven Eleven known to be the most beautiful and joyful of all, in my opinion. But even here it's all about Alexa fairly indifferent. The lady is just natural beauty and is very elegant, at any time without much effort. 

Pixies better with thick hair, wavy, straight hair, but it works well. This style best fits the heart, oval and square faces. However, if you have a round face shape, you can avoid this type of interface.

Bob Cutting

The bob is back and crazy girl, but the hairstyle in fashion for 2011 takes a bit more rounded, rather than with a wavy edge. The look is retro-inspired than before, and solves a softer look.

One of the most popular hairstyles bob is luxurious. Victoria Beckham is copied with the popularization of women's hair in this way in the world, and credited her hair short and medium bob. Ask any hairdresser that most requests in 2011 and they will tell you, elegant. That way, the ladies of the rat tail combs, it is to do at the time, "the elegant".

So now he is has the scoop on the best short hairstyles for women in 2011, I hope this small bit of information has helped you, please choose a brand new fashion style to fit your personality. After searching the Internet and in pictures from magazines of what you want, it's time for your stylist for your summer holiday with the fashion diva short hairstyle for you go go. You see ladies, I imagine! 

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