Pregnancy and Hair Dye

There are numerous examples of hair dyes absorbed into your body, but not enough information to promise with certainty that using chemical dyes during pregnancy absolutely secure. So many pregnant women are waiting for the first three months.Since no human data to show these chemicals cause birth defects should be safe in the back of the pregnancy. 

It is a question that human trials would be unethical and therefore remains largely tested and we have other feelings that may be present in the bodies of people who may look like regular hair dye. 

Animal experiments were conducted to try to clarify this question. Some studies have some of the chemicals in hair dyes that result in a risk of birth defects shown. However, many of these animals to extreme doses of these chemicals are exposed to doses much higher than the exposure of the woman who colors her hair every six weeks. 

Chemicals in two colors, semi-permanent and permanent, externally applied not very toxic at low doses. These chemicals have been used for a long time, and studies show they cause deformities in unborn children, so that the hair coloring during pregnancy can be safe. Of course, if you (f, for example, the use of gloves in a well ventilated and not more than at the time of application) the safety instructions for use and are familiar with the safety, not a majority of the chemicals in your body absorb only a small amount enters the bloodstream, 60% of the color palette of the ingredients are added in small quantities, if a programmer uses the volume of 6%. 

A good alternative is to be leaves, sweeping or Cap highlights hair. Absorbed by the hair dye into your system through your scalp, not by the hair follicle. Therefore, most methods that allows you to make the only contact of the product for rinsing highlight.Reduce the exposure of the skin and the dilution of the products during the time of contact. 

This does not prevent exposure by inhalation and if the area is poorly ventilated or irritate the eyes or nose, even if it is to find bad or the flow of air is not likely to suffice. 

Some experts recommend vegetable dyes or henna is a good alternative to synthetic chemical agents during pregnancy is one of the best professional products by Farouk Systems, "Chi", which was appointed by the Council, U. S. composed by the FDA as one of the largest professional hair color sure. 

Something that we see is the bottle of the brand include the home or the colors of these dyes and even many of the same synthetic chemical compounds, the major cosmetic companies in the hair dye and a trade name that implies have bright, natural Read the ingredients to be sure. Pure henna, which comes in red and brown, is an exception.Henna is a semi-permanent vegetable dye considered very safe, but not everyone loves the results that the low coverage of gray hair or a long application process and processing time! 

It is important that you feel good you are pregnant, and you are satisfied with the options that you can grow your baby while he or she. If you feel your hair dye or get a brighter face is better not to emphasize, for nine months to come, that something that you are satisfied, it is found safe. While it is important to you, the advice of professionals like your gynecologist or family doctor, you can use your hair its own motivation. To read a few articles talking with a trained professional, but a decision for you and enjoy the moment. 

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