The Absolutely Exciting New HTC Desire HD

The desire for HTC HD is now available on the market, but to look spectacular. Let's see how this phone has to start differently and there is more sexy. Wishing HTC HD sound and video with high image quality. A 4.3-inch screen and Dolby Surround are absolutely fantastic to play surf videos and more been revealed about this revolutionary new mobile phone. You can request tickets HTC soon. That means no waiting for the download, or data roaming. Whether you're in nature, a place to eat too fast or at an ATM are looking for, you can find something in no time with this smartphone. 

You have more compelling features that you will not regret it, that connected to their desire for new HTC HD. If not found, signed after a long day of house cleaning and organization of children and pets, that tells you if your in the bag a little animal sleep. You do not have to panic if you forget your cell phone, so that in a hurry, call forwarding is the same place at a number that you can afford to be. And if you steal it? Are not worried about personal data collected and used, it can even remotely wipe all data on the telephone line. 

These are just some of the accessories that make this phone is absolutely fabulous.This is the physical hardware, weighs 164 grams, the 1230mAh lithium battery. WVGA 400x800 screen size 4.3 inches and is very pleasant to use and has the ability to pinch to zoom in on the touchscreen. Processing speed of the processor 1 GHz and 2.2 Froyo Android that their platform to the latest in a very short time with the processor speed can be upgraded. It has an internal memory of 1.5 GB and 768 MB of RAM. The microSD card is also available, which can be extended. It is an autofocus, 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash. Ability to detect, 720p video recording and geo-tagging is turned face is on the phone. They also have more built-in effects you can play with the camera. 

It is a micro-USB port for additional connectivity and a 3.5 mm stereo. It supports 3G, GPRS, EDGE and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to other phones or connect a PC. There are many applications that you download, as well as camera, messaging, news, music, friends, power, calculator, FM radio, share, twitter, navigate, your videos, pictures, etc. on time and TV is also very Simply, if it connected via DLNA and also the face and the directory with all others. It is an internal GPS antenna that works very well with the card.

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